Alva supports distribution grid operators to transition towards a smarter grid and to accelerate the energy transition

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Smart grid digital twin, intelligent grid platform
Smart grid digital twin, intelligent grid platform
Smart grid digital twin, intelligent grid platform
Smart grid digital twin, intelligent grid platform
Smart grid digital twin, intelligent grid platform
Smart grid digital twin, intelligent grid platform
the energy transition is happening right now

Paradigm shift in energy distribution systems

The energy transition - driven by the need to integrate renewable energies, like solar panels or wind energy, a growing number of electric vehicles and heat pumps - is putting an increasing pressure on today's electrical grids, especially on low voltage grids. Managing and ensuring an effective energy distribution is becoming extremely challenging.

This makes it necessary to transition towards a smarter, more efficient and more reliable smart grid of tomorrow. The backbone of this effort is the increasing digital transformation, where data becomes key and modern information and communication technology is converging with operational technology.


Smart Grid AI Twin

Alva is a digital twin of the grid allowing distribution system operators to monitor and get insights into the state of their grids. This digital counterpart of the physical grid and its processes can be trained in near real-time, with the ever increasing amount of available data, to serve as operational decision helper.
Our software aggregates, visualizes, analyzes, and learns from data from various systems, e.g., geographical information systems, enterprise resource planing systems, metering infrastructures, real-time sensors, and much more. And it scales to millions of grid elements and to billions of metering measurement points per year. Alva pushes the digitalization of our electrical grids and helps the transition towards a smarter energy grid.

Points of delivery

Over 330 thousand points of delivery and production (meters) managed

Grid assets

More than 1 million assets (transformer substations, circuit breakers, switches, cables, ...) reflected

Meter readings

More than 45 billion meter readings every year monitored, analyzed, and profiled

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About us

DataThings is a research and development company specialized in machine learning and the creation of so-called digital twins. We are an international team of passionate software engineers, data scientists, and designers who are convinced that the large amount of data collected today from various sources has the potential to enable us to reshape our industries towards more efficiency, sustainability, and transparency.

Our Clients

People tend to take electric energy for granted. But managing its effective distribution is, in fact, a constant technical challenge, especially when the grid is experiencing more and more turbulences in terms of production (e.g., solar panels, wind turbines) and consumption (e.g., increased number of heat pumps, electric vehicles). Alva allows us to manage our electricity grid more efficiently by integrating data from various systems. It enables a better understanding of the behavior of the electricity grid and ultimately enables precise live monitoring, simulations, and prediction capabilities.

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